i partied with the prince

no…seriously. a real prince. prince albert of monaco! aka. grace kelly’s son.

so my r.a. in cannes, her boyfriend’s friend is chilling with the prince in his yacht, and contacted her about the party, so we were actually on the list! we didn’t even need to ask to get in, it was great!

so we’re having a few drinks (open bar…serving up grey goose cocktails), and then the m.c. comes out and asks us to welcome kelly rowland! she was like, the hired help of the night! she performed 2 songs (one was that nelly duet, but she sang it as a solo), and then left. but damn, that girl is so skinny! then prince albert comes up to talk about the purpose of the party (some climate change thing) and i notice that star jones is sitting and listening attentively! so another friend of mine and i decided we wanted to talk to her, so i went up to her and said “oh star, i love your work and i’m so sorry to hear about your show..blah blah blah”. she thanked me and walked away. then my friend went up to her later and asked her who she was wearing and she answered “diane von furstenburg” and just walked off. kind of bitchy. then we saw petra nemcova hanging out and stuff, she’s not that recognizable though.

so when the event was over, we went to the restaurant next door (baoli), and went in just to dance and whatnot, and we were planning to leave and then in walks natalie portman!!!!!! oh my goodness, i was gobsmacked. they prepared a table for her and her entourage, and then we see sean penn is sitting there with her (they’re on the jury together; he’s the president this year). petra nemcova then comes in and sits next to sean (apparently they’re doing each other, but it has yet to be confirmed…he’s still married). natalie is smoking a cigarette (shock, i know), and then the waiters bring in these huge vases of cocktails with giant straws. and natalie definitely drank some of that potion.

anyway, it was such a fun night. royalty and presidents…who could ask for more?

**ok, i know everyone is not going to believe this story, because i didn’t have my camera, but this isn’t something i could just make up. you would have to experience the film festival for yourself to understand how prevalent the celebrities are.**

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