it’s 3:30 am and i’m starting a blog.

yes, that’s right, it really is 3:30 and i’m up creating a blog. talk about off-kilter sleep cycle! to be honest, this has been a regular pattern for me for the last few weeks (the going to bed late thing, not the starting a blog at 3am thing) since i have developed a wonderful habit of sleeping in till noon, and therefore i’m not sleepy until dawn. it must be somewhat unhealthy to be missing out on so much sunlight.

anyway, thanks to ken (, i’ve begun this blog. he told be to use my bumming around time to make more videos on youtube or perhaps even start a blog! well here i am, taking advice from someone i’ve never met (goodness i sound like a guest on the dr. phil show). i must say, i’m impressed with wordpress, they make blogging simple and stylish. and look, they could even tell that i’m korean!

Is it available in your native language as well?

all in all, i hope that i won’t be as lazy updating this as i have been with my youtube account. i guess filling in an electronic form is much easier than filming, editing and uploading a video. well that’s all for now!

expect great things my friends.


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