one step closer…

…to being in atom egoyan’s course!

if you guys don’t know who atom egoyan is, he is one of canada’s most respected filmmakers and is internationally renowned as an “auteur” of sorts. his latest film was in competition at cannes this year (and i was luckily able to attend the red carpet premiere!)

on the red carpet Well, it just so happens that he is coming back to my school to teach a special course (he had been doing this for the last 2 years as well, I believe). It’s only open to 12 students, and only 3 spaces are reserved for students from my program, and this year, I am eligible to apply since I’m going into my last year at university.

So I just sent in my application letter. I must say, I’m pretty impressed with my self-whoring skills. Check it out. You’d accept me, wouldn’t you?


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jenny Sung, a Cinema Studies specialist, and I believe that I am a prime candidate to be a part of Atom Egoyan’s class in the upcoming academic year. Looking at the description of the course in question, I was instantly intrigued by the fact that the course was looking at how one figure is depicted in various ways in different media. As an arts student, I have always been interested and open to the idea that film can be a form of art that is influenced by and influences other arts. Growing up, music, dance, visual arts and even culinary arts were a part of my childhood, and today, the appreciation forged then for all the arts remains.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Cannes Film Festival as an intern for an online film publication called indieWIRE, where I was reporting on the latest market news and was published for the first time in the official Marché du Film daily magazine. During that experience, I was able to apply my appreciation for film into journalism, and was also able to see that most of the films being bought and sold were influenced by literary and mythical stories and characters. That showed to me that moviegoers find comfort in recognizable figures from other art forms, proving the importance of the interconnectedness of the arts.

Truthfully, I became a Cinema Studies student as a pure fluke, only taking the intro course expecting it to assist me in a higher GPA. Little did I know that I would become very passionate about the subject. I entered the program with very little knowledge in film, but with a great interest in popular culture and a desire to learn more about this massive medium which so deeply affected society. I have become so invested in the cultural studies involving film that I have jumped ship to become a Cinema Studies specialist, maintaining Sociology as a minor, since I truly believe that the two are deeply intertwined. Currently, I am writing for an online Canadian arts and entertainment magazine, and I hope to further my career in this vein. I believe that it is precisely this type of forum that plays an integral part of sewing together the various arts into a web of media as a whole.

In the future, I hope to pursue a Masters at the Cinema Studies Institute, and I strongly believe that my participation in this course will give me the opportunity to seek out unique topics of research and provide me with experience in project development. Taking this course will not only give me the opportunity to work with one of the most respected Canadian auteurs of our time, but also allow me to delve into the subject of cultural studies, which I intend to focus on in my post-graduate years. At Cannes, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Atom Egoyan’s film, “Adoration”, and after seeing that film and his body of works, I can safely say that I can foresee his course to be dynamic and far-reaching.

I believe that I can be a very successful student in his class, and that will hopefully bring added prestige to the Cinema Studies Institute.


Jenny Sung


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