vicky cristina barcelona

if you get a chance to watch woody allen’s latest, “vicky cristina barcelona”, please do, because the city is the uncredited character in this film, as new york is to sex and the city.

two best friends from the us travel to barcelona, for vicky (rebecca hall), this is an opportunity to research for her MA in “catalan identity” (WTF??) and cristina (scarlett johansson), a chance to get away from her constant cycle of love, lust, and pain. while there, they meet a pained artist (javier bardem) who has just come out of a famed divorce where his wife (maria elena, played by p. cruz) almost killed him, or vice versa…who knows?

anyway, the film is really sexy, especially javier bardem and penelope, but i’m so over scarlett. she just doesn’t exude sensuality in this film, even though her boobs and lips are just as comparable to angelina’s right now. i think her singing career is the bane of her acting career. her overacting made me cringe hardcore.

javier and penelope’s chemistry is unmistakable though…their real-life relationship really translates into the film. fiery, angry, passionate, sexy, caring…but it would never work (in the film, they can’t seem to find the missing piece to their relationship…which happens to be scarjo, who leaves them hanging in the end). oops, spoiler alert.

if you want to look into the dirty mind of a senior citizen who married his ex-wife’s adopted daughter, watch vcb. but if not, still watch it for the beauty of barcelona (for those of us who can’t afford to vacay there).

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