puppy soup

there are a few things i’m passionate about.  one, obviously is film, then of course, music, fashion, the arts.  little known fact (probably) is that i’m also very passionate about the “underdog”.  i’m always rooting for the losing team (if the home team isn’t playing), the lesser known celebrity in a cat-fight, the canadian aboriginals, and i have a soft spot for pets in the pound (that’d be the first place i’d go to get a pet).  and in the same vein, i’m so deeply offended with discrimination, of any sort.  my close friends can attest to this, but i find discrimination to be the epitome of “uncool”; in short, it’s disgusting in my eyes.  i can’t say i’m perfect either, but i try my best.

the other day, i was watching “just for laughs”, and the closing joke of the comedian had to do with the so-called controversial delicacy in korea called “bo-shin-tang” (it’s a stew made with dog meat).  now understandably, the western cuisine probably finds it appalling, since dogs and puppies are such loved pets here; just the same, i find it incredibly strange and awkward that some parts of china eat pigeon meat or rat meat.  but i’m so sick and tired of this TINY part of korean culture being blown up as if we’re barbaric dog killers.

i think it’s so – to be blunt – stupid of anyone to believe that we kill domesticated puppies for the sake of sustenance.  (south) korea is a civilized nation, technologically advanced; we probably made the computer you’re reading this on, or the cell phone you carry around with you so that you can keep up with the times.  if people could just take their blinders off, it would be obvious that dogs raised for food purposes are raised just like chicken, pigs, or cows are here.  trust me, scooby-doo is safe from our savage appetites.

but even if koreans did really kill their pets for food (as many incorrectly believe), how could their discrimination on the nation be justified, when we as north americans do the similar and praise it?  we take one of the dirtiest animals, the pig, and celebrate george clooney for having one as a fucking pet.  instead of eating them, we’re taking them in, which, i know, is the opposite of what the whole korean and dog meat controversy is about, but if it is considered OK in one direction, why not the other?  of course, there are wild pigs and domesticated ones.  just as there are dogs.  duh!

if i were at the live taping of that comedian, i would have so thrown something at his face.  but probably not my shoes, they’re too precious.

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