(not so) summer lovin’

Recently my mother half-jokingly complained to me that her young daughter in her prime has no boyfriend in sight (that would be me). Ever since then, I’ve had this unexplicable feeling of wanting out of single life. Perhpas it’s just an innate desire to make my parents happy, or I’m just feeling lonely in these summer days with nothing to do but update my blog and no one to go out with since my friends are all working. Nevertheless, I can’t shake the feeling.

I know that this can come off sounding desperate or whiny, and with the whole sexual revolution thing of the strong, independent woman (especially with “Sex and the City” recently in theatres), this might even seem absurd. But in the end, Carrie does marry Big.

In the past, I was always the girl with the boyfriend. All throughout highschool, I would always be dating somebody – not in a whorish sleeping-around way, I just had a fast turnaround rate. Ever since February of 2006, I’ve been single (Yeah, we ended it just before Valentine’s Day…just perfect). I’ve never been bitter about the single life; actually, I embraced the notion and ran with it for quite some time. But…I’ve never been single for this long. And to be honest, “1” is such a lonely number.

Maybe it’s the summer heat; the heady feeling of romance is everywhere it seems…ESPECIALLY since I was just in Paris. But even in the winter, my friends and I joke that we’ve saved so much money on not having to wine and dine, or buy gifts for a significant other, but how nice is it to frolick in the snow with someone you care for? I do love to frolick.

I voiced my feelings to my mother, who of course, tells my sister. So the other day, my sister suggests I go with her and her boyfriend back to their school campus (outside of the GTA) to watch Canada Day fireworks. I was a little confused…why the most random invitation; I have never even met her other friends! I said I had my own plans, but my sister kept urging me to join her. Finally, she revealed that she thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to meet her “good looking”, “nice”, and “smart” friend Andrew. I was so taken aback at the idea I had no idea how to respond.

Don’t get me wrong; all those qualities mentioned above are high up on the list of what I like in a man. But to be honest, I just think it would be a little weird to be set up – I’ve never had that experience before. Don’t people just act really strange and awkward around each other because they don’t know this new person well enough, but want to get romantic with them? I just think it’s a bizarre notion. Also, her friends are all very math-y, engineer-y…a combo for yawns in my book.

So here I am, still single, and (as the Aussies would say) winging about it. All my friends (who are all male) say that it’s so easy for girls to “get a guy”, but I am not the type of girl who will voraciously flirt just for the sake of attention. I am such a mushy romantic…I need to be pursued (gosh I know how much guys hate that though). But my sister trying to set me up set alarm bells ringing in my head. Am I forever going to be the one that my non-single friends are trying to set up with random men?

Am I THAT undesirable?

(Oy…my 21 year old body is starting to have the paranoia of a 45 year old single woman.)


2 thoughts on “(not so) summer lovin’

  1. i just think you need to get out more. you’re not undesireable. afterall, i desired you at one point in time. the key is to stop thinking about where you want to end up, because you don’t know where that will be. you want to increase opportunities in life that will lead you away from where you don’t want to be. that could mean just going to random friends’ birthday parties, getting a part-time job, or finding some sort of social hobby. jennynotjen, HE is out there. don’t try and find him. he will come and find you. But he won’t be able to find you if you are no where to be found. food for thought?

  2. It seems like a long time ,but really, like you said your still young. Like the the person above me said don’t try to look for someone, that’s when trouble starts. Have fun this summer and you don’t need to be with your friends to do that. Who knows? Maybe when you least expect there might be a guy out there just makes you weak in the knees. lol

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