no longer wanted


I watched “Wanted” today. Simply put, it fell far below my expectations. Sure the action was exciting, McAvoy and Jolie both looked hot, but other than that, the film was pretty boring! I was so so excited to see this film, but I was pretty disappointed.

It had me looking away from the screen because of all the goriness (which, I guess is a plus in others’ books), but the purpose behind it was so vague! The backstory is a very interesting one; one of a fraternity of assassins who kill those whose names come from the loom of fate (yeah really, a weaving loom!) which is decoded by binary code. But apart from this, the fascinating story and purpose of each character, the fraternity, and etc, is not elaborated. Perhaps that’s why this film is more action, less thriller, since all the personal vendetta stuff is not really accented (although McAvoy is out to kill his father’s murderer).

I suppose I’m a fan of confusing plot line, like “Mission:Impossible” or its successors, which have great action and plots, as do the Bond films. “Wanted” was just too flat. Jolie’s character was a big disappointment as well, although McAvoy was somewhat believable to be an action hero, but he wasn’t all there quite yet. And acting great Morgan Freeman was given too much of a predictable role of the wise mentor gone bad with panned-out dialogue. I guess the best part was when he dies in the end – his expression is pretty amazing! It was also very strange to hear him swear that much.

I must say though, the comedic timing is really great in this film. Kind of gratuitous, but very witty and (dare I say) cute use of special effects and editing.

I wouldn’t watch this film again; it’s definitely something I would forget about in the coming year. I also would not recommend watching this film if you can’t take full on shots of knives and bullets entering/exiting the body. But if you want to just let your mind melt a little from crazy fun action and hot cars, I’d go watch it on a Tuesday night when the admission price is discounted.

to hear another take on the film, watch Reel Geezer’s review here.

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