those damn sinuses

On the first day of my trip, I got down with a cold. Once I got back to Toronto, I had already lost my voice, but it was the tail end of my sickness. Ecstatic to see my friends and family again, I didn’t get enough rest and I think I pushed myself too far. On Saturday, I ended up getting soaked in the rain because I didn’t have my umbrella.

So now, I think I’ve got a real problem. I have constant pressure headaches and I have a hard time breathing. I checked some forums online, and apparently green snot means I have a virus or some kind of bacteria. FUCK. I need some sudafed, but I don’t like taking medicine that makes me feel temporarily better when the virus is still there, lingering and festering (ew).

I have a hard time walking – each step gives me a pounding headache! arghhhh.

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this, my mom came home and I asked her to give me a ride to the doctor’s office (I can’t drive with these headaches), and he came to the conclusion that I have a sinus infection. It’s my first time having one and it’s so horrible! The antibiotics are killing the infection but the headache is pretty much only controlled by Advil, which I’m holding off on because I don’t like too many chemicals in me. So pray that I can get through this week without blowing my top off in frustration!

One thought on “those damn sinuses

  1. well… te same way as you…..but i tried
    2 x sudafed
    1x tylenol sinus
    1x mucinex
    1x claritin
    3 kinds of antibiotics ! such as amoxilin…augumentin …etc
    and nothing helped me…

    im like this for 2 months now

    and for two months i only get 2 hours of sleep a day…cause i cant breath at all

    all this time i probably took over 200 pills
    and nothing helped

    fuck sinus

    i aint geting no surgery done….

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