one less sense

So, having a sinus infection totally sucks, not because I can’t really breathe, or because I’m constantly having to blow my nose, or that I now have dark circles under my eyes, but because I CAN’T TASTE ANYTHING! I know that when your nose is all stuffed up, you can’t really taste anything because taste is connected to smell, but I’ve never experienced such a severe nose stuffed up-ness.

Being Korean, we eat a lot of spicy food, and honestly, I can’t even taste kimchi! Or even the spiciest instant noodle! I just feel like I’m sticking something in my mouth with the texture of food and swallowing it. The only thing left behind is the spicy feeling in my mouth that happens when capsaicin oil is ingested.

This really makes me sad because I love food so much. And I totally don’t have the appetite to eat anything – maybe this is a good opportunity for me to shed some pounds? Haha, just kidding…

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