my first chanel

Last week, my deeply insightful friends went out and bought me something from Chanel for my birthday! It’s from their cosmetics line, so it is something that does disappear over time, but I’m still very grateful for them because I know it’s pricey, and it’s also very exciting because it’s the first thing from the brand that I own!

It’s Chanel’s newly released Beaute Initiale Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15 and it’s PINK! It smells really lovely too. I would never have bought this on my own, but now that I have it and used it for about a week, I can attest to the fact that it’s a great product! It’s really moisturizing but not too oily, and applying it with the spatula it comes with is really fun. Also, a little goes a really long way with this cream. I have eczema on my jawline, and it does a really nice job of keeping that area really soft and moisturized as well. I just love the fact that it’s pink.

Chanel released this line of cosmetics to target women aged 25-35 that are starting to become more and more concerned about impending signs of aging. I’ve been obsessed with anti-aging since last year when I turned 20, so this is pretty much perfect. I know it sounds silly to start thinking about wrinkles at 21, but it’s a valid concern! Just wait – in 10 years, I’ll still have skin that looks like it belongs to a 20 year old.

Anyway, up next in my Chanel wishlist – the classic quilted bag!

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