does roger really drink from that cup?

I happened upon a pair of tickets to the first qualifying matches for the Toronto Roger’s Cup yesterday (thanks David!) and I moseyed on along to go watch it with my sister. It was so fun! I had no idea who the players were, but they were formidable opponents to each other. I believe the 2 matches I watched were Johansson v. Bester (Johansson FTW) and Young v. Pospisil (Young FTW). Pospisil’s a Canadian, so I was rooting for him, but he just was not up to par to the American!  Bester’s Canadian as well – which explains all the cheering and hollering for him while he was playing, but the Swiss won out in that match also.  Oh well.

Tennis is a very civilized sport; I definitely enjoyed watching it.

I paid $3 for a popsicle and got a sweet tan.

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