next ebay purchase

I am a fan of online shopping. I, like many people, was really hesitant at first, but I’ve had all good experiences: getting a great product, saving $$ compared to retail prices, buying unique items, and getting refunds as promised. Also, it’s my tried and trusted way to buy textbooks for the school year (it’s SO CHEAP compared to the campus bookstore).

Anyway, I’ve been eying Rachel Bilson’s favourite Chanel lime green wayfarer glasses, and of course, since I can’t afford those, I went straight to Ebay to see what’s on sale right now. I opted for Ray Ban’s since they’re the classic brand that brought that style into pop culture (and I’ve got a $5 knock-off pair from Kensington that I looooove), and I found these GREAT vintage marble patterned ones! Anyone who knows me knows how much I treasure vintage finds. Actually, my most recent Ebay purchase was a vintage Coach purse! Also an item I love.

Anyway, just thought I’d share with you all the fabulousness that are these glasses – I can’t wait til the auction is over! (You bitches better not bet on these and drive the price up. I’ll cut you…I’m not joking.)

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