10 minute sadist

I’m one of those people whose weight is constantly fluctuating, depending on my schedule, if yummy snacks are on sale, or whether I’m away on a trip. While in France, I lost tons of weight because I wasn’t always eating when I should have been, or I was skipping meals because I was so busy. But now that I’m always at home, and my schedule consists of relaxation and being bored, I’ve become so lethargic and chubby. This is a bad state of health, and a bad lifestyle choice! It’s so easy to be lazy.

So when I saw the infomercial for Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer, I was ready to try it, because 10 minutes is such a small sacrifice…I usually spend at least an hour at the gym (when I go, that is), so I was thinking “10 minutes won’t be so bad.”


I am in extreme pain after 2 days of doing the workouts! As described, the workouts are designed to be “synergistic” and activate all different muscle groups at once to get the most out of the short period of time. Don’t get me wrong: I really appreciate the workout and how hard Tony pushes you, but damn is it ever painful the day after! I’ve never had to work so hard in 10 minutes in my life. I’ve been to fitness classes and such, but they have always been bearable. But with this new workout, I can hardly walk – seriously! Fetal position has become a new fave position of mine recently; there is no pain involved in that.

I’m committed to continue the workout plan with 10 Minute Trainer, because I know it’s working. I can feel the right muscle groups I really wanted to target working hard and sore the day after. It’s just I can’t believe how much pain I’m in. Take my advice: stay away from the lower body workout! There is enough squatting and lunging in all the other workouts anyway…well, that’s what I plan to do, at least. I don’t want crazy muscle-y legs anyway. On the other hand, I think my glutes are working the hardest they’ve ever had to work…Kim Kardashian, watch out!


2 thoughts on “10 minute sadist

  1. The thing with these workouts is that the starting curve is so steep, but once your body adapts to the pain you’ll be craving the rush that working out gives you. I’ve been on the Hundred Push-ups (www.hundredpushups.com) program for about 2 weeks and I was sore like no other at the beginning, but you just have to push through it, especially when you’re sore and tired.

  2. I agree with Richard. Just keep going. We started 10-Minute Trainer a few days ago and my body is sore everywhere. The same thing happened when we started P90X. Better to work through it all at once vs. over and over.

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