faith and being christian

I just posted this response on my friend’s blog. I just wanted to share this part of my life as well. Fashion and film aren’t my only passions!

ps. My friend is an atheist and is very eloquent.

as a christian (and not just by title), i can only say things what you have tried to understand and have deemed as unfounded claims, so i don’t expect a pretty response.

i agree with you about allowing for our children to explore possibilities in every aspect of life. i also think that once we die, our bodies are nothing and we do simply become fertilizer or fish food. and i’m sure that’s why many people embraced religion back in the day when situations were dire and people were dying of scurvy and chicken pox…and i call that blind faith for sure.

i can only imagine that you understand faith as something led by blindness and loose logic because you have established yourself as an atheist. but (speaking in religious jargon here) if the holy spirit really moves you, it’s not something you can deny. sure you can call it a “high” or emotions and guilt and etc., but faith is not led by whether god is visible as a being, or whether our water turns to wine when we demand it, but whether we can accept that god loved us enough to crucify his son. i know i know, you’ve heard this tons of times, but this is what i believe.

as for parents trying to expose their children to a certain faith…as i grow older, i see my future as a mother become more and more of a certain reality. it’s daunting to think about how i’m going to raise them to be the best they can be. i want to give every advantage to them, what parent doesn’t? i guess i’m trying to explain it as giving the best to my kids. if i really really believed in god’s word, then why would i not want to share what peace and certainty of salvation i have with my own flesh and blood? you know?

you can throw what you like at me. like about why we’re “homophobics” and haters of other faiths. if you knew me, you would know that that’s not who i am. and i’m not twisting the bible to fit what i would like to believe more comfortably, but i truly know that god’s love is unconditional. so why should i reject people and their lifestyle/choices? it’s not like i’m better than them or more righteous. no, that is not true. i wholeheartedly disagree with gaybashing and anti-semitism and racism and all of that. if i ever look(ed) down on someone, it’s not because of my faith, it’s because i’m a human who has a selfish ego.

i admire that you can have such solid opinions based on science and concrete evidence and proclaim them proudly. if you ever questioned why religious people may not always present themselves first and foremost as one (except for bible thumpers and such), just look around you. who does the world favour?

anyway, i think that’s long enough…

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