the aussies know good fashion


So Australia has its own Project Runway now, and I really love it! It’s obviously not as extravagant and full of celebs like the US version is, but it’s still great and the designers are really really talented (dare I say more so than the American designers?).

This week, they FINALLY got rid of that ridiculous Helen Manuell who can’t even seem to dress her own self. She’s a great seamstress and can make well tailored dresses (and for someone who has had no training, that’s pretty great), but her ideas are shit and lack creativity. Also every time she speaks I want to rip out her brains through her nostrils. Is that too harsh? Anyway, she was incredibly self-righteous and had an air of holier-than-thou. I really hate that.

I might also add that Sarah Gale, one of the weekly judges, who is introduced each week as “fashion buyer extraordinaire”, only has the most useless things to say. Her critique and comments are just full of cliches and puns that are NOT funny, and they amount to very little. Even the host, model Kristy Hinze, has more constructive criticism to add than Gale. She’s a little bitchy as well, which I’m assuming is suppose to reflect Nina Garcia’s persona in the US version. But Nina Garcia has credibility – real credibility. She’s the former fashion editor of one of the greatest fashion magazines in the world. Seriously Sarah Gale, anyone can “buy” fashion. Geez.

My favourite designer, purely from personality, is Lui Hon, the “zen master”. My favourite to win is Juli Grbac – a designer whose own personal style is chic and feminine.

Juli's winning design from Week 7

Juli's Winning Design: Week 7

2 thoughts on “the aussies know good fashion

  1. hmmmm, I love your comments on Sarah Gale. I wish PRA would have checked her credentials! I work in the very small fashion industry in Australia, and I not only know Sarah Gale, but had the unpleasant experience to work with her. I scream at the TV when they introduce her as a “top fashion buyer”. She was never a top fashion buyer, and her reputation amongst the fashion buying community is laughable. I love the show, but it loses credibility by having her on the show. Next series, get the editor of Madison to be a judge.

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