palin (almost) rhymes with stalin

A conversation.

Me, asking my New Yorker senior editor, Brian: “So what do you think of Sarah Palin?”

Brian, without hesitation: “She’s a fascist!”

2 thoughts on “palin (almost) rhymes with stalin

  1. This reminds me of a post I did recently “Country First or Ideology Before Country?”.

    Palin is a name I’d known for well over a year…due to having friends up in AK. Yet, when we heard that Mc Cain had selected her…YIKES! That was a low blow to his party. Especially since it later became known she was not his first choice. Well…there goes the title of “Maverick”…as a maverick is his/her own person, capable of making up their own minds.

    Great site!


  2. I never realized it until you mentioned it in your title! We should contract her first and last names, and call her “sPalin”

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