told you so

I totally called it!

Last night, the first ever Project Runway Australia’s winner was announced, and the fabulous Juli Grbac won!

Juli's Finale Dress

Juli's Finale Dress

I was really happy – Petrova and Leigh are both amazing designers in their own right, but Juli’s collection was more of what the Project Runway Australia winner should be: saleable, commercial, yet unique and glamourous.  I only wished Leigh’s amazing model, Yumi, could have won the model competition as well, since she’s been my fave all along.


Leigh's Finale Dress


Petrova's Finale Dress

I’m super jealous that the winner gets a Fiat 500 – my dream car!  Well, I have many dream cars, but the Fiat 500 is up there.  I’d say it’s a much better car to win than the crappy Pontiacs or Saturns or whatever the American Project Runway winners have been winning.  But a free car is a free car (excluding taxes).

Did anyone else notice the bumbling Ms. Gale as she tried to comment on Petrova’s collection (inspired by rainbows and butterflies…no, really, it was)?  Listen carefully at 00:35.

Umm, hello…”metamorphis” is not a word.  Well, in Candian English, it’s not (it’s “metamorphosis”).  Maybe it is in Australia…?  (Perhaps its like how the Brits say “ah-loo-min-ee-um” instead of “ah-loo-min-um” when talking about cooking foil [but honestly, why do they add the non-existent vowel in that word?].)  Let’s just chalk it up to unintelligence.

Anyway, I’m glad the show’s over – less TV, more time for school!  Yay…

PS. Sorry about the picture quality – the stills from the show are not yet online.

One thought on “told you so

  1. hi jenny! i was just browsing and found your website.
    thanks so much about ur support for me, has made my day 🙂
    hope u enjoyed the show
    xx yumi

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