exercise strategically

Throughout the election campaign, I’ve been wondering how I should vote: I definitely don’t want the Conservatives to win a majority government, but I don’t know how I feel about Dion being our nation’s leader. I’m liking Layton’s strong appeal to make the nation stronger and united, but my riding’s NDP leader is only @ a 12% – I knew from the start of the campaigns that the NDPs would not win office, but could make headway this time around.

The difference between the PC rep and the Liberal rep in my riding is by a mere 2%. 2%!! That does scare me shitless. I don’t want my riding to be a Conservative one (Seriously, we’re practically entirely made up of immigrants, and we have Trudeau to thank for that).

The centre-left of our nation is divided into 3 major parties, which makes it statistically difficult for any of them to win this election, that is, Harper could win again.

Consider voting strategically – every vote is essential to dethroning Harper and his convoluted right-wing policies.


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