fashion reality collides

Did anyone notice Bianca and Dani (from various seasons of ANTM) on last night’s Project Runway finale show? Both girls were in runner-up’s Korto Mormolu’s show – it was inspired by nature and her African heritage.


Bianca Golden and Dani Evans in Korto's creations

I guess it makes sense that alums of ANTM would be working @ shows – especially Dani since she won the competition, but I was surprised to see Bianca, cuz she’s been dealing with some drama these days (her family and Nikki Blonsky’s family are in some legal troubles after a mutual beatdown @ the airport).


Korto's Finale gown

Anyway, Leanne won, no surprise there. Thank God Kenley was third – she drives me crazy with that annoying nasal whine of hers.

Leanne's finale dress

Leanne's Finale gown


Kenley's Finale gown

All images courtesy of

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