mellinda-mae harlingten ss 2009

I was reading about her in FASHION magazine the other day, so I was happy to be able to see her show on Friday @ L’oreal Fashion Week.  The collection was, I thought, pretty Pocahontas inspired: feathers, leather bands, and braids adorned the girls, who wore practical yet very cute streetwear.  I can see a lot of college/university girls liking this stuff.  At first I was thinking “Oh this is very Canadian – like, camping in the woods.”  But then the dresses started to be sent down the runway, and that was all dashed.  It’s more like, Canadian wood nymph.  The colour pallette was soft and pretty, which really worked with the mohawk feathers and chieftan headdress; and the tiered trope in the collection worked nicely to evoke an ethereal spring-y feel.

the designer herself

the designer herself (how cute is she?!)

To watch the show in its entirety:


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