brown paper packages tied up with string

I received a package in the mail from Paris today. What in the world could something from Paris be sent to me? I didn’t order anything online recently…I’m not expecting a gift from my friend there…

I look closer at the label on the envelope, and it says something about the Canadian Embassy. Instantly I think, “Oh shit, am I in trouble?” Which makes no sense since I performed no illegal acts while in France. Then I thought, “Maybe I’m getting honoured for my fabulous work at Cannes?” HA! In my dreams.

I rip it open, and see that it’s not just a letter, but a bundle of something tied up in elastic bands. I take it out and see some familiar things…MY IDs!

To recap, my wallet went missing during my trip to France this May, and I just counted my losses and moved on. Luckily I noticed quickly enough to cancel all my cards and notify all related institutions about the incident. I wasn’t sure whether it was pickpocketed, or whether I dropped it (I was at a very busy McDonald’s when I lost it), but the package I received today confirms that I was indeed robbed.

None of my cash, credit cards, or debit cards were returned to me. Even my wallet was not sent back – just my IDs and various other receipts, business cards, etc. So I’m guessing whoever stole my wallet took the cash and credit cards, and threw the wallet away. Someone must have found it and given it to the police, or some type of authority to have it sent to the embassy in Paris (the wallet was stolen in Cannes).

All of the cards sent back to me are no longer valid (since I got new ones of all of them), but I still am warmed by the thought of someone kind enough to take the proper action with a misplaced wallet. So thank you to whoever you are.

Early Christmas present – woot.


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