bauer: redeemed

disclaimer: please forgive any typos and such – my trackpad seems to be acting on its own (my cursor keeps jumping around!)

I don’t know if I’ve ever disclosed this, but I am a huge “24” fan. Ever since high school, I’ve been following the show rather religiously. With the writers’ strike this year, season 7 was delayed quite a bit. So Fox decided to release a 2 hour “film” as a prelude to the upcoming season. I know it’s been a month since it was aired, but forgive me, I was busy (you try justifying watching a movie for leisure during your end of term crunch of your graduating year!).

Anyway, the film’s called “24: Redemption”. I honestly couldn’t remember anything that happened in season 6, or even as to how it ended, so I had to look it up (shame, I know). So I guess season 6 ended quite ambiguously, only with Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) standing on a cliff and his father (played by Jon Voigt) left for dead. But he’s not dead. Duh. He’s still a badass double-agent/money & weapons monger.


Jack looks good in safari gear

So this season concentrates on African militants, rather than the crises in the Middle East. Also, the new president is a female. Total ringer for a plumper Hillary Clinton…with a hot son and annoying daughter-in-law. Her husband is played by Colm Feore (yay, another Canadian). Sidebar: That made me wonder – if Clinton won the bid for Democratic candidate, and she won the vote, Bill would still be called Mr. President, just because. What would Colm Feore’s character be called? The First Gentleman?

Jack is obviously some type of criminal to the USA, because of the interrogation tactics he reportedly abused (seriously though, the government used him as a pawn to negotiate with several terrorist groups around the world, and now they want to convict him? Talk about Murphy’s Law governing Jack’s life). So he’s been on the run around the world, and is now in Africa (Sandango – is that a real country?) helping out with an old military friend’s school/orphanage. Some shit goes down – including several attempts of Jack trying to leave his friend and the kids behind to move onto some new foreign place, which becomes kind of hilarious after a while – and Jack ends up in the custody of the US military during an evacuation of US nationals.

Anyway, my point is that the CTU headquarters are nowhere near a part of the plotline so far. I was so bummed because I really wanted to hear Jack call Chloe and desperately ask her for some satellite images or document scans or whatnot. I also really missed the ringtone of the CTU phones. I would try to describe it to you, but it’s futile.

So what’s Jack really redeeming? His “past sins”? Hasn’t he paid enough for his sins? He gets his darn ear burned off in the first hour! He loses his best friends every possible hour (imagine if he tattooed memorials or wore something in memory of all the people in his life who’ve died – he’d have a body suit!)! I don’t know why he keeps doing what he does. All he ever achieves is saving LA/USA and innocent citizens (perhaps through unconventional means, but…), so what does he have to redeem? Someone get him some therapy!

But now I’m pumped. I can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Jack gets himself into. Will he find a new lady friend? Will he confront his father? Does Elisha Cuthbert make a re-appearance (he keeps talking about his daughter…also, more Canadians)? I’m sure everyone who watches the series has the same questions and more. I can’t wait for the episodes to begin airing – just add that to my list of graduation distractions (haha).

Thoughts on “Redemption” anyone?


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