id required

Today, while running some errands, I was asked my age by the cashier who, not surprisingly, low-balled it by a good 3 years.  This is not uncommon for me.  I always get mistaken for a teenager, especially when I’m dressed down with no hair/makeup.

In the province of Ontario, it’s customary to request identification on purchases such as alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, porn, etc.   Strangely enough, I wasn’t buying any of the abovementioned items.  For goodness sakes, I was at a grocery store buying alfalfa sprouts and pita bread (whole wheat, of course).

But before I line up at the checkout, I always peruse the discount DVDs bins, and today I picked up a widescreen version of “300” for $9.99 and a 2-movies-for-the-price-of-one DVD that had “Empire Records” and “Singles”, for $6.99 (steal!)

I got carded for buying “300”!  Seriously?  I understand it’s an R rated film, but even if I was underage, I’m buying it for home use, so it doesn’t matter – my parents would be “supervising” me.  I just thought it was quite silly.

Today’s underage delinquents are much smarter, and would know that if they wanted to watch a film such as “300”, they could simply torrent the film, and not sift through messy discount DVD bins to get the last copy of a 2-year-old film.  Much less pay for it!  Geez.

In other news, I see a new Macbook in my near future.


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