Perhaps the word may be a little too harsh, but here is some email correspondence I had with a TA.  I was requesting some face-to-face time with her to talk about my essay (btw, she doesn’t have scheduled office hours).

Hi (TA’s name),

I just had a few concerns with the handed-back first
assignments and the expectations that were outlined for it.

I would have stayed for your office hours after Wednesday’s class, but I had another class to attend.  When would be a good time for us to discuss in person?  Please let me know.

Thank you!


Her response:

Hi Jenny. lets meet after class on Weednesday.


  1. She can’t spell.  Or at least, she can’t proofread her work, even though the latest versions of Safari, IE, and Firefox have the automatic spellcheck feature.
  2. I suppose she feels that she is above proper grammar usage, shown by her rather unconventional (i.e. wrong) choices in punctuation and capitalization.
  3. This is proof that she doesn’t read her students’ writing fully.  Explains the shitty mark she gave me.

I can’t believe people like that are giving me the grades that can significantly alter my future.

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