Recently, I’ve cut out a few “cancers” from my life, just because I am probably a better person without them (incidentally, my astrological sign is Cancer).

  • That dude honestly infested my life with useless knowledge and judgemental thoughts.  It’s not cool to always be a hater (esp. upon those you don’t even personally know!)
  • junk food: This one is hard.  Chemicals and crap are in almost everything we eat.  But I’m trying really hard, because in the end, my body and my skin will be happier with me.
  • coffee: This one was hard, but I overcame it.  2 weeks and counting!  Not a single sip of coffee.  Luckily, I love tea and have many many teas at my house.  I don’t count the caffeine in tea as “bad” per se, just because the benefits of the other stuff in the tea trump the teeny bit of caffeine.  And at most, I drink one caffeinated tea a day (as opposed to one grande/venti coffee or americano a day).

Some things I still need to release from my life:

  • online games: I am such a sucker for Diner Dash and online Sudoku.
  • Paris Hilton’s My New BBF: I already wasted enough hours on the first season. Why must I watch the second one?!
  • late night tv:  This may improve once Conan gets his new show at an earlier hour.  But I still can’t get enough of Colbert.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been having mini panic attacks every time I think about admissions into grad school.  Which is quite often.  Thank God I’ve quit coffee – I’d be on edge all the time!

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