i’m in love


…with a stripper


Ever since I cut perezhilton.com out of my life, I’ve been obsessing over beauty blogs.  I think vanity is much healthier than gossip (or is it not?).  ANYWAY, with all the makeup I try, I need some way to take it off.  But I need it to be gentle, because I have such sensitive skin (especially during these crazy Toronto winters!), and because I don’t walk to tug and pull at my skin, which I know is prone to aging (although they say that Asians don’t age…but my mother is not wrinkle-free).



So I just started using these amazing cotton pads that are sooo thick and absorbent, and really really soft on my skin.  Best thing is that they don’t leave cotton fibres on my face like a lot of cheaper brands do.




pillow soft!

pillow soft!


Also, one side is slightly textured for gentle exfoliaion (I guess for nail polish removal, or using for applying facial toner), while the other is pillow-soft.   Looooveee.




Super Absorbent and Lint Free!

Super Absorbent and Lint Free!


I got a huge jumbo set from Costco that comes with 8 tubes of the pads.  I don’t know how much it cost, but with the economy these days, making trips to Costco are pretty common, I’m sure.



I am so procrastinating right now…

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