I’m still not clear on what TED stands for, or what it’s really about, but we watched Manufactured Landscapes in one of my classes, which features the work of photographer Ed Burtynsky, who has won a TED Award (his speech is a part of the film as well).

In general, I think the organization is about enlightening works, progressive thought, etc. etc.  The site features a bunch of super cool and interesting talks/lectures with the most interesting people doing very amazing things around the world.  I think the latest talk is by the co-founder of Twitter.

Anyhoo, I randomly clicked on one of the talks that said something about “music” in its title, and I am so glad that I did.  It’s a youth orchestra from Venezuela and they are just so amazing.  Their performance nearly brought me to tears!

Watch for yourself!

UPDATE What a coincidence – a TED video was featured on YouTube!  Random.  I subscribed to their channel – you should too!


2 thoughts on “ted

  1. I LOVE TED!!! I’ve watched so many of their videos. My goal is to one day be a guest speaker at TED. There. I’ve said it. You can hold me accountable for that. 😉

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