I slept over at a friend’s house this week, and for some reason, there must have been a mosquito in the house. I think it got trapped in my blanket.

Unfortunately, I’ve always been a victim to mosquitoes my entire life (I must have some special blood), and they attacked all the exposed areas of my body. The worst though, is that they got the bottoms of my feet. BOTTOMS OF MY FEET!  They are throbbing as I type.

I’m so glad that I do little walking and a lot of driving.

Bam. The photo.

three little (yet deadly) bites

three little (yet deadly) bites

3 thoughts on “mozzies

  1. GaSp* oh nooooooo

    now i have to watch out for mosquitos during my visit! eeps — those lil buggers love my blood too — it must be the perfume or shampoo i wear that attracts them, or the soap.

    i’m so excited for canada — but not the mosquitos. lol

  2. mosquitoes aren’t normal this time of year! i don’t know why there was one in my friend’s house… it was an anomaly =)

  3. wow i totally understand how you feel. i got a mosquitoes bites on my foot once and it was so painful because i had to walk. it was a chore to just get down the stairs lolz.

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