makeup fiend

I make no claims to be a beauty blogger, but I love following them!  I’ve learned a lot from them, and they’re great resources for smart shopping.  Through Nikki @ AskMeWhats, I found Makeup Masala – an online makeup shop that sells amazingly priced NYX cosmetics!  I just received my order of NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Gold, Iced Mocha, and Cottage Cheese.  I have it in Horse Raddish (weird how it has 2 “d”s) from a previous purchase.

So I wanted to experiment with the pencils, and came up with this look!  I love experimenting with makeup, but can’t be bothered to do the process daily!  I MAY wear mascara once in a while…

So here’s the look!  I used all 4 NYX sticks – I didn’t do my entire face, so only close-ups for today… I hope all you like it =)

PS. I have no clue what settings to use on my camera to get a true-colour shot…I resorted to using my Mac’s iSight and Photoshop’s auto colour correct.  eep.  apologies.



2 thoughts on “makeup fiend

  1. hey! i’m glad you were able to find those NYX jumbo pencils from Makeup Mix Shop 🙂 They are wonderfully priced and free shipping for orders $20.00 is not bad!!! 🙂 Wonderful eye look, you can try to set the camera on “MACRO” setting 🙂 Love your lashes too! so long!

  2. thanks nikki! my lashes were stumpy and sparse, until i started to use mavala eyelite double lash! seriously, a miracle serum. doesn’t burn the eyes either! it’s really cheap on ebay =)

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