oh tony (warning: spoilers)

“24” Season 7 Ep. 18: Reactions

Just when I was beginning to think that 24 was getting a lil boring with the FBI stuff (straight-laced Larry Moss was kind of annoying!) they bring in Kim Bauer and kill off the good guys!  Tony is one bad ass ex-government agent.  Emphasis on “bad”.

I think I’m getting it now: this whole season plays off of each episode, revealing tidbits at a time, having to battle one enemy after another until we figure out the nucleus of the problem. Rather than past seasons, in which it’s just been one terrorist group vs. Jack and his crew. In retrospect, this season’s actually pretty genius! From “Sengala” (a fake African nation ruled by a militaristic dictator) to Starkwood (a domestic private military force) to whoever Tony Almeida is working for!

You know, sometimes I think that Jack is just way too patriotic and super naive. If his BFF can hoodwink him so well, but then betray him so quickly, I don’t understand why his trust issues don’t translate onto the government, or his immediate family (Tony was like his family!) But Chloe, you could never not trust her =)

Killing off Larry Moss was actually so sad and frustrating, because I wanted to see what Renee and him were going to “talk about after all of this”. I bet you they have had some sleepovers.

Also, how weird was it when Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) kept calling Jack “Daddy”? Kinda like a really eff-ed up lolita porno scene in which “Daddy” is the kinda creepy dying man, and “daughter” is hot blonde that can’t really act. Actually…that would probably constitute a big chunk of lolita porn, non?

Cannot wait for next week!!

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