sleepless in toronto

It’s not as glamourous or romantic as the film version of Seattle, trust me.

Last week, I went to hell and back with combo of final assignments (SIX in a week), work, parties, appointments, church stuff, equaling no rest for me. BUT, I got through it and it feels soooo good to be done!!

It was really interesting to observe how my body and my skin reacted (read: freaked out) during the week. I really was not taking care of my body. I was:

  • not taking out my lenses for days at a time
  • not eating balanced meals (apples + chocolate covered almonds were my staples) 
  • drinking coffee, redbull, + alcohol in mass consumption (not the alcohol, though)
  • not going to the gym (I try to go at least twice a week – yeah that’s not enough on its own, I know.)

Oh right, and I hardly slept, like, AT ALL. I pulled two all nighters and the other nights I would come home verrrry late from nights out (obviously a bad choice).

So yeah, totally a rock star life – errr…film scholar rock star, that is!  If only I could say I rocked those final essays…

Tuesday Morning

The morning after all-nighter 1.

The morning after all-nighter 1.

I didn’t get a chance to go to sleep during the day, since I still had one last assignment to rush & hand in that day. But this is a photo from the morning, before I left the house. 

I used The Body Shop’s Matte It Face & Lips as a primer, with NYX Concealer in a Jar to cover my crazzzzzzy breakout. It was really shocking – even though I was awake the entire time, my face was breaking out.  I looked into the mirror after a few hours, and my skin had gotten considerably worse.  

I had a dermatology appointment that day, and my doctor was like “Your skin doesn’t look that bad.” And I replied, “I’m wearing a LOT of makeup.”  So don’t be fooled, my friends.

I am not wearing any under eye concealer here – hence the dark circles.  However, I think I’m lucky that I don’t get crazy dark circles.  Probably an Asian thing…?

Wednesday Night

Close up of the same picture in Camera Stylo post

Close up of the same picture in Camera Stylo post


Clearly, I have crazy bags here (but that just might be a consequence of having a squishy face when I smile).  My eyes & skin are also lifeless and my hair is a wreck.

Gosh.  Embarrassing.






Thursday Afternoon

Sunshine and focus = illusion

Sunshine and soft focus = illusion

 I had gotten some sleep Wednesday night after the party, but I had to go to work Thursday afternoon.  

I had some more time to make myself look a little more alive, so I think I may have tried to conceal my dark circles using my Quo Colour Correction palette.  If I did, I think I failed…

Otherwise, my primer + concealer + mineral foundation was a very good combo.



Friday Morning

Morning after all-nighter 2

Morning after all-nighter 2. Dazed.

So by this time, I’m sooo burnt out.  But I had a shift at work that day, and I didn’t want to freak out any patrons with a wreck of a face, so I did the same primer + concealer + foundation routine.  Obviously, it didn’t do such a great job of covering anything up this time.  My skin was sooo unhappy with me by this point.

I definitely tried to conceal my dark circles here.  I did not do a very good job.  The slight flush on my cheeks is not from blush, it’s from the breakout & subsequent redness.  Kinda works though, no?


Throughout the entire week, I tried to be as presentable as possible.  But damn, what a tough week.  When I did have the energy, I would put on a coat of my favourite NYX Doll Eye Waterproof mascara.  This picture is kind of gross because it shows the redness in my eyes (from no sleep + not taking out contacts), but is a good indication of my everyday on-the-go eye look.

Bloodshot eyes...but look @ how pretty the mascara is!

Bloodshot eyes...but look at how pretty the mascara is!


I love this mascara.  Very affordable and does exactly what I want it to.  I have the “volume” formula in my drawer, which I will have to test out once this tube is done with.


So in the end, I learned that procrastination is a horrible thing, not only for my grades, but for my overall well-being.  As I get older, I’m learning that I cannot treat myself like this anymore – every indiscretion shows!

My skin has since healed, and does not require primer + concealer anymore (thank goodness for prescription derm cream!)  Now, I’ve graduated university, and have more time for FOTDs!!  Yay =)

4 thoughts on “sleepless in toronto

  1. Oh no, I can’t imagine not taking out my lenses! Do you have the ones that can be left in overnight though or regular soft lenses?

    Yeah I would recommend the Joe Fresh lippies, they surprised me with their pigmentation. Their colour selection is a bit limited though, I noticed they have a lot of neutrals but very few light or medium pinks and corals.

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