first haul post – ever.

I recently got my Coastal Scents package that I ordered when they were having the site-wide 15%-off sale, and when I tweeted about it, Bev (aka. LOVESSpink) wrote back “do I see a haul post coming soon?”  And that’s when I realized that I’ve been buying things here and there and I’ve accumulated enough to constitute a haul post!  How exciting – it’s my first time (tee hee).

Coastal Scents: EZ Prez Pressing Medium, 12 Piece Magnetic Palette (26mm), Italian Badger Round Crease Brush

Super excited to start pressing my mineral shadows!

Super excited to start pressing my mineral shadows!

I was really impressed with the compact size of the palette; perfect for carrying around during trips!  I also love that it’s magnetized, because the size is perfect if I want to put in MAC shadows or even Annabelle shadows (for my Canadian ladies)!

Brushes: POSH, EcoTools, Coastal Scents

From T-B: POSH Smokey & Eye Shadow

From T-B: POSH Smokey & Eye Shadow, POSH Small Crease, POSH Crease, EcoTools Eyeliner, CS Italian Badger Round Crease (from above haul)

 I don’t know why I bought so many crease brushes because I definitely need more blending ones, not crease ones – but the 2 POSH crease brushes were in a pack of 2 (for $4.99!)  The EcoTools brush is from WalMart.  It looks funky in the pic because I cleaned it with some BioOil so that it would pick up gel liners better.

Double ended POSH brush!

Double ended POSH brush

The brush @ the top of the pic is actually double ended.  So the left side is the “smokey” side (smudge it out!) and the right side is the eyeshadow application side.  It was only $7.99 – and the best part is, all the POSH brushes were 25% off @ Pharma Plus last week, so the total (including tax) came to $11 on the dot =)


home made dispenser

home made dispenser for facial wipes =P

Yeah, it’s a little ghetto, but the wipes were being sold in 2-packs (120 altogether) as refills for an Equate plastic dispenser, which I thought was very tricky of WalMart, so I decided to make my own dispenser!  I had just finished a pack of facial wipes that had this plastic lid in it, so I just cut it out and glued it onto a hole I made in the Equate refill pack.  Saved $6-7 that way!

Bikini from Reekbok.  Inset: closeup of butterfly detail on the bum.

Bikini from Reekbok. Inset: closeup of butterfly detail on the bum.

I found this at the Reebok store at Vaughan Mills for $14 + tax!  I have this thing where I buy a new bathing suit each summer (I don’t know why…I don’t even live near a beach), and so it’s nice when I find one that is inexpensive to add to the collection.

Urban Behaviour cotton/spandex skirt

Urban Behaviour cotton/spandex skirt

It doesn’t look like anything much in the picture, but it’s one of those high-waisted mini skirts that look quite nice with a plain white tank.  Kinda skanky, but we all need to skank it up at times ;D  It was super cheap: $9.99 + tax!  I don’t like spending too much $$ on clothes that I know are one-season trends, or that I won’t be able to fit into soon, so it’s a perfect find.  I already have food stains on it from a late-night shabu shabu dinner, keke.  It’s possibly the worst skirt to wear when you’re pigging out, but oh well!

So that’s that!  Hopefully I will be blogging about my newly pressed minerals very soon!


2 thoughts on “first haul post – ever.

  1. Hi, i just recently started following your blog! Thanks for letting us known where to get eco tool brushes!! I’ve been trying to find them in toronto for the longest time and did not even think of looking for them in Walmart ^^ and i’ll for sure try out the coastal magnetic palette (:

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