pressing minerals with ez prez

I had a day off today, so I decided to devote a part of it to pressing my mineral makeup, now that my order from Coastal Scents came! It’s my first time ever pressing pigments or minerals, so there was definitely a learning curve.

To learn how to press your own minerals, check out the Coastal Scents site, they have a very helpful video on what you need & how to do it.

The bottle that the EZ Prez came to me in totally sucks for making accurate droplets so I transferred a little bit of the solution into a dropper bottle I had lying around the house. Using an eyedropper would work just as fine.

EZ Prez Pressing Medium (image source: Coastal Scents)

EZ Prez Pressing Medium (image source: Coastal Scents)

And then I put some rubbing alcohol into an old body spray bottle that I had (the body spray was so old, I had no qualms in dumping it out) and used it as the alcohol spray. I didn’t have 91% alcohol like the video suggests, but 70% works just as well – you just need to wait a little more for it dry on the pan.

A picture of the final damage - this also shows all the tools I used.

A picture of the final damage - this also shows all the tools I used.

Look at all those empty mineral sample jars!  It felt like a huge weight off of my chest just by getting rid of those jars.  If only EDM had a “Back-to-EDM” program like MAC did…I’d have so many freebies!  The comb was my “spatula”, and the Q-tip helped clean my mixing jar after I pressed each shade.  The piece of ribbon is for the hatch marks at the top, and the quarter is for even pressing.  Oh, and you DEFINITELY need to cover your desk with newspaper for this project.

The end product

The end product: 4 hours & a very sore thumb later.

FYI: One sample EDM jar nearly fills a full 26mm pan, but there is still room for a bit more.

Because I had some space to add more powder/minerals, for some of the shades, I mixed in my Makeup Masala mineral samples, as well as my Coastal Scents glitter powder in Crimson & Treasure Chest to differentiate between similar shades (ie. peach with gold flecks vs. peach with red flecks).  The bottom row are all sample blushes from EDM that I tried to make more “eyeshadow-y” by making them pop a little more with glitter.  The Coastal Scents glitter powder is extremely finely milled, and are cosmetic grade, so they don’t look tacky  – they’re hardly noticeable


You can see the differences in depth here.

One very important thing that I learned in this process is to not add too much EZ Prez pressing medium. If you do, not only will the pressing process be difficult because the powder is too tacky, but the shadow is too creamy (but not creamy enough to be a cream shadow) to give good colour payoff and be blendable. I find that the glittery shadows resisted becoming too tacky a lot better. The 2 matte colours that I did (first 2 pans in the middle row) ended up being very difficult to swatch & blend.

Row 1: Swatches correspond from Bottom to Top to L-R in pallette

Row 1: Swatches correspond from Bottom to Top to L-R in palette

Row 2: Notice how the bottom 2 swatches (the mattes) have poor colour payoff.

Row 2: Notice how the bottom 2 swatches (the mattes) have poor colour payoff.

Row 3: All fleshy, blush colours.

Row 3: All fleshy, blush colours.

So that’s that – I will try and do a look with these colours very soon!  I finish off this post with some more photos that I proudly took of the finished palette =)


You can see the imprint that the design on the ribbon left in the front left pan, hehe.

You can faintly see it in the glittery purple one too!!  I'm a very proud mama of this palette =D

You can faintly see it in the glittery purple one too!! I'm a very proud mama of this palette =D

8 thoughts on “pressing minerals with ez prez

  1. Wow,that’s interesting,pressin n making the that what you have to do with every mineral eyeshadow??I’ve heard so much abt mineral makeup but never really dig dipper into it

  2. that looks awesome! Im scared of pressing stuff… EDM is awesome! have you tried alima??
    Yes dollarama is great! I cant beleive how expensive DS things cost lately :\
    thank you for all good vibes about the interview! I’m excited about my 2nd one tomorrow! If I get the job, you me and Bev are gonna go out and celebrate 🙂

  3. looks sooo pretty!! isn’t it such an accomplishment! heh i’m still working on depotting my NYX e/s’s…its taking forever! too bad i didnt have a free day to do em!

    yesssss is sher gets the job a CELEBRATIONNNN is in order 🙂 🙂 🙂 xoxo

  4. They look so neat and pretty! I swapped my mineral shadows away though as I don’t think I can have the patience to press them. I may do my MAC pigments though!

  5. oh that blush was like the never ending search loool
    omg the teal is goooorge!!! esp on us brown eyed girls! get it! well if its on sale, the reg. price is just ridiculous!

  6. Thanks for this. I love my mineral shadows but the mess, the fallout, the time spent unscrewing jar lids and the fact that are a pain in the butt for traveling have made me want to press them. I think I have enough now to make the effort worth while.

    How do the pressed pigments work as wet/dry shadows? Do they loose that ability?

    • i’ve never used any of my eyeshadows as wet/dry because: 1) i am too lazy 2) i’m pretty uninventive when it comes to makeup 3) i’ve never liked the idea of wetting eyeshadows in their pan!

      so i’m sorry that i can’t answer that part of your question =) however, being that they are minerals, i’m betting that they will hold up to being wet shadows just as fine as if they were still loose (i just think minerals are like magic, haha!)

      but thanks for the comment & come back and let me know how your pressing project works out! share some pics!

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