spa, sting, & package!

Last weekend was my friend’s birthday, and he requested a spa day/package as a gift.  So his roommate researched and found an awesome deal at a spa in Yorkville called Summerhill Spa, but it was a couple’s package!  They didn’t want to go together cuz they’re dudes…ya know.  And all of my other girlfriends are way too shy or conservative to strip down in front of another guy (although you’re covered the entire time!!  I guess you see side boob…hehe), so I jumped at the chance and got to go on my first spa trip ever!

The package included a 60 minute hot stone massage, a 30 minute facial, a 20 minute foot massage, and a hot oil hand/foot treatment.

The hot stone massage was a first for me and it was a nice experience, but the facial and the foot massage were AMAZING! I wish I could have been watching the technicians as they gave me my facial, because I would have liked to see exactly what they were doing so that I could try and replicate it at home.  But seriously, it’s really nice to have someone else scrub your nose for you (hehe!) My skin was GLOWING after the treatment!  I didn’t have my camera with me, but my face was sooo happy ^^  I can’t wait to treat myself to another facial one day!

Enough gloating…

I also got an opportunity to go to a benefit concert last week, featuring the Canadian Tenors, Sheryl Crow, Sting, hosted by Chris Noth (Mr. Big from “Sex and the City”!) at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.  It’s an annual charity show called “One Night Live”, benefitting the Women & Babies program at Sunnybrook Hospital.  It’s one of the top neonatal programs in the world, and the concert benefits their efforts in building proper facilities to match its reputation.

I attended the show as media, so I was able to go to the top rafters in the Media Gondola, and then I was moved down to the floor, where I had pretty amazing seats!  Too bad Sting was not too keen on allowing media to stay for more than 3 of his songs…  Sheryl Crow was amazing though!  Read my report from the evening here.

The Canadian Tenors (the Canadian version of Il Divo)

The Canadian Tenors (the Canadian version of Il Divo)

Sheryl Crow rocking it out on the bass.

Sheryl Crow rocking it out on the bass.

Sting in all his old-age glory.

Sting in all his old-age glory.

Back to makeup…

Today I received my purchase from Tammy (aka Not a Rich Girl) in the mail =D I bought her MAC 165 brush – my first MAC face brush.  It’s an LE brush from the BBR collection, so I’m glad I found it on her blog sale. [If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I recently got my first MAC brush…from my sister’s old stash of stuff!  It’s a MAC 213, and she said she vaguely remembers buying it when she was in high school, but she doesn’t wear much makeup anymore, so she gave it to me.  Still in perfect condition!]  Anyway, Tammy was very sweet and also sent me a mineral eyeshadow sample and Japanese jellies.

MAC 165, Glamour Doll Eyeshadow in "Pinky Swear", Kasugai Strawberry Gummies

MAC 165, Brush Guard, Glamour Doll Eyeshadow in "Pinky Swear", Kasugai Strawberry Gummies

Hopefully I’ll be pressing this shadow soon!


One thought on “spa, sting, & package!

  1. omg I need to go to that spa! me an the bf were supposed to go to one. maybe ill surprise him if I get that job lol
    aww thanks for the wonderful comments 😀 it made my night! I dont think I did anything too fancy with this one, not sure why I picked silver n red for my eyes though… lol

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