i’ve been m.i.a., i know. don’t hate.

Wow, has it already been a month since I’ve blogged?

June has been crazy busy, with preparations for my church’s annual mission trip to White Dog, a Native reserve in Northern Ontario.  This year, I’ve been put into a leadership position, so things are uber hectic.  But we leave this coming Monday, so I am very excited!  Please pray for our team =)

This month has seen birthdays, weddings, funerals, convocations…the whole lot!  I also went to a leadership conference with Olivia Chow as the guest speaker.  What an inspiring woman!  Coincidentally, the day after the conference, I ran into her on Bloor St.  She was coming out of the ROM after visiting the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit.  Coolest part?  She remembered me.  A mark of a true politician!

I am going to try and post a convocation post very soon. All pics are on Father’s cam, so it’s been kinda difficult trying to get his cord and camera at the same time.

Good news, I just found out a few hours ago that I have been appointed as a T.A. for the upcoming school year!  That really does relieve a large chunk of my financial stress – but we’ll see how lofty the stipend is.  I’ll probably still need to persuade my rich Uncle O for some flow (who is Uncle O you ask? You clearly are not a student in Ontario).

Real posts to come soon!


One thought on “i’ve been m.i.a., i know. don’t hate.

  1. yayyy congratz on the TA position!!! thats awesome!!! loll im sure it’ll def help on the finances! haha hope you have fun on your trip!!! xoxo….ps cant wait to see convocation pics!!

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