God works in mysterious ways…even through reality TV.

Some of you may know this already, but I recently had an accident with a knife and sliced through my hand and through a nerve.  I am waiting for a full assessment after the weekend, possibly followed by surgery to save the nerve affecting my index finger.

When the doctors told me this news, I was devastated.  They cannot guarantee full recovery of my nerve, but they said that they will try to do what they can.  The thought of not having a fully sensing hand freaks me out and to be frank, it really, really scares me.

I’ve been pretty down lately, struggling to do simple tasks like zipping up my coat or tying my hair back (which I still can’t do).  The injury hurts like crazy & taking a proper shower is next to impossible.  Looking at my bandaged hand keeps giving me flashes of the accident & the fear I felt then, making falling asleep a scary task.  Poor old me.

Then today, as I was watching the audition rounds of So You Think You Can Dance, a dancer who lost her left hand to a rare type of skin cancer auditioned.  Her name is Jessica Jensen & she explains that she had the choice of keeping her hand & dying, or amputating it & living.  She chose to live & calls the amputation her “new lease on life” and explains that she is perfectly happy being the one handed lady.

After watching her dance, I realized that I am one incredibly blessed person.  Not only is my injury non-life threatening, I still have full use of my dominant hand (which I’m typing with right now!)  My doctors seem very competent & caring, & even though I am away from home, I am not paying medical bills.  I have amazing people around me to support & be my help through the healing process, & my professors have been quite understanding to my situation.

I’ve realized how self-important I have become, and watching Jessica has greatly humbled me.  Although the physical situation of my injury sucks bigtime, I am learning to appreciate why God made our bodies in such a way that each part works perfectly with the other.  I am also learning that God is suffering alongside me & wants me to change my heart to be grateful & to lean on Him for my strength & help.  After all, all things are possible with His strength.

Learning to fully trust God has been my biggest challenge not only this year, but especially through my transition from Toronto to Montreal, as well as my transition from comfortably nesting @ home to full independence (financially, physically).  I am still learning, but I am getting closer.

So I hope you have been humbled & inspired by Jessica’s story as I have been.


6 thoughts on “humility

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    • hi Jenny 🙂 what a nice post! I do hope your finger heals with time and that you will be back to normal asap! I cant imagine what its like to struggle with the simplest things…

  2. That’s an awesome post! It’s really pretty sweet. I’m going through medical things myself right now, passed out – hit two walls then the floor pretty badly – now I might have fluid in my head but won’t know for a bit.. (Special Dr. and such)

    My friend has nerve problems too so I know how frustrating it can be, not firsthand but better than some do. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and hope your hand gets better!

  3. Hey Jenny,

    I’m keeping you in my prayers. I’ve been re diagnosed with cancer a month ago, and doctors are still unsure of a treatment plan. Life may be hard and we may not know why things happen the way they do, but I pray that the Lord give you strength in these hard and trying times.


  4. I was wondering what suddenly happened (recently silent reader)
    Sorry to hear about the accident, but hope for good things w the surgery, the transition, and just with life in general.
    It IS awesome how God works in mysterious ways no 🙂

  5. Hey Jen! How have you been doing lately? I hope you are recovering smoothly from your surgery. You’re not following me on twitter so it’s hard to get a hold of you more immediately, but just wanted to send a shout out your way and see how you’re doing.

    You can delete this when you’re done reading 🙂


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