I know.  I’ve been a bad blogger.  But I have an excuse!  Clearly, my left had has been incapacitated for a long time (and still is), but I can type with a bit more ease now.  Also, I’m sick with a cold, and I can’t afford a humidifier so I’m just not getting good rest, therefore not getting any better any time soon!

Anyway, just wanted to give my readers a heads up.  I’m now blogging for a new free-content magazine site called  The site hasn’t officially launched yet, but the blog has been active for over a month now.  The company is trying to draw in readers before its launch in a few weeks, so please go take a look!

I’m one of the gossip/lifestyle bloggers, but there are so many other talented writers working on pieces about technology, health, politics, tv/film, etc., so there’s something for everyone!!

Check out my posts so far…!

PS. This is my first PAID writing gig, so I appreciate all the clicks, forwards, tweets, Diggs, RSS’s!



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