magme mania!

So ever since my last post about starting my blogging for MagMe, I’ve been very busy researching all the hot gossip and writing pieces for the site.  The focus is always to comment or add onto an already existing magazine article (since it is a free-content magazine website), so it’s kind of annoying to have to wait until People, Us, or Life & Style publish their news (since other gossip blogs tend to post gossip right away, or at least sooner than the mags), but it helps keep my content on trend.

I’ve added a new link in the “Find Me” section on the right, so that you guys can keep up with my multiple daily posts.  There are other great bloggers on the site (like I mentioned before), and they tend to write a lot more than me, and all their articles are quite interesting/funny!  So if gossip isn’t your thang, you’ve got options, kiddies.

In addition, I’m always tweeting what I write (with links, of course), so go ahead and follow me on Twitter!  I think the more the merrier =)  And don’t think I’m one of those boring tweeters who only tweet links and such…I am a very active ranter on there too!  Haha!

Once my insane end-of-semester assignment are all done and handed in, I’ll make a video, I promise!  I have a fun little idea for it. =D  Meanwhile, please pray that I can summon the strength and peace to complete the tasks ahead of me!!!

Here are some of my favourite articles I’ve written so far (they’re my faves because the words just flowed when I wrote these…they’re just hilarious topics!):

  1. Lindsay Lohan and Ungaro
  2. Heidi Montag and her “singing career”
  3. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show/Heidi Klum’s surprise
  4. Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Pictorial

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