my new favourite idol?

Without question, Kelly Clarkson has always been my favourite Idol winner and arguably the most successful (closely followed and/or surpassed by Carrie Underwood).

But I just saw the latest musical release from Jordin Sparks, being featured in the single “Art of Love” by Aussie singer Guy Sebastian.  I’ve never heard of him, but homeboy has got a voice!  Jordin Sparks is always at her best in collabs w/ other R&B singers, I think.  And this song may not be as successful as “No Air” with Chris Brown, but I think it’s a much better track.

This song gave me the chills.  Love love love Jordin’s powerhouse voice.

2 thoughts on “my new favourite idol?

  1. If you followed Kelly from the beginning, you would have seen Guy on the World Idol show, along with Kelly. He sang ‘Wonderful World’. Carrie Underwood did a cover of Guy’s ‘Idol’ song, Angels Brought Me Here. He’ll be around in the US quite a lot in 2010. See him if you can. Brilliant, especially live. And get hold of the album Art of Love came from, if you can. This is good, but there are even better songs on the album, ‘Like It Like That’.

    Guy especially wanted Jordin for the track. So glad he got her – she’s perfect.

    • oh, so he’s a product of the idol franchise as well? had no clue! thanks for the suggestions…i’ll definitely seek some more of his stuff out =)

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