If you follow me on Twitter, then you’re probably aware that I had a very odd weekend last week.  I did not end up going to see a doctor, so I’m going to hypothesize that this is what happened to me…

I went to a charity dinner on Saturday night – the food was homemade food (not catered), and it was ethnic food as well.  It was delicious.  And then afterwards, I went to Starbucks and ordered a latte.  While I was there, my friend bought me a polar bear cookie.  That night when I was sleeping, I received a text message at around 3-3:30 AM, which woke me up.  Oddly, I couldn’t fall back asleep because I felt kind of nauseous and I had a piercing pain in my stomach.  I just gave up trying to fall back asleep, and ended up throwing up 3 times that night.

By my final episode of throwing up, it was around 8 AM, and I called my friends in desperation, texting them to see if anyone else got sick from the banquet, etc.  Everyone else was fine.  But my friend offered to pick up some Pepto for me, since he has a car.

My apartment building is pretty damn ghetto, so the buzzer system hasn’t been set up yet (even though it was promised to me that it would be many months ago), so whenever I have a guest, I have to go downstairs and open the door for them.  So when my friend arrived with the Pepto, I walked down the stairs (BIG MISTAKE), and I started to feel really sick.  I just thought to myself, “get the medicine and rush back upstairs to throw up in your own apartment!!!”

After my friend dropped the Pepto off and left, I was really dizzy and wobbling around at them time.  I assured him I was fine, because I really had no clue what was happening to me.  I tried as best as I could to get to the elevator, and I was able to press the up button, and stumbled into the elevator.  The next thing I knew, I was thinking “damn that hurts”, because I had just crashed my head/face into the elevator doors while I was fainting.  Odd.

A while later, the elevator doors opened because no buttons had been pressed, and that jolted me awake.  I realized I was still on the first floor, so I pressed my floor’s button.  I was really confused.  But what confused me even more was that when the doors opened onto my floor, I woke up only to find myself on the ground again.  I had passed out again.

Freaking out, I just told myself to get myself in bed asap, so I stumbled back to my apartment.  I then later woke up in the hallway right in front of of my door.  I had passed out a third time.

Anyway, I meant that to be a short summary, but it ended up being long, so I’m sorry!

So I think because I hit my head the first time I fainted, I may have suffered a very mild concussion, because I spent the next 2 days in bed feeling incredibly dizzy.

I’m completely fine now, but here are the pics I took of the bruises on my knees!  They were painful.  Seriously though, what a weird weekend.



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