bobby flay v. maangchi, cooking, and kimchi mamas

I’ve been really getting into the cooking spirit after my relaxing break, where I tried to observe and learn from my mom and my friends so that I would have ideas on what to cook when I got back to Montreal.

So naturally, I moseyed over to the website of YouTube Korean Cuisine sensation Maangchi, and I came across her blog post on Bobby Flay’s attempt at making kimchi.

It’s hilarious!  Give it a read.  She’s referring to Season 2, Episode 10 of Boy Meets Grill.  I have yet to find a clip on YouTube.  And if you’re already on YouTube looking for a clip, subscribe to Maanchi’s channel!

While you’re at it, check out Kimich Mamas!  It’s a fabulous blog for and by Asian-American mothers.  I’m definitely not American, nor am I a mother, but I still love reading their stories.


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