it happened again

Before I forget, I just need to quickly write this up.

My mom called on Sunday night, telling me that she had given the supplies (ie. korean foodie things) that I requested to someone we know that was coming to Montreal this week.  It was a pretty straightforward conversation, until she started asking me about this guy at my home church!!!

This is a person that she always tries to talk about with (to) me.  I’ve already expressly shown my disinterest in him as more than a friendly person I wave “hello” to at church, but she’s pretty certain that he’s going to make a fine son-in-law (doh).

Anyway, she was like, “Oh did you know he’s decided to go back to school? Do you know anything about what he’s studying?”

How the HECK am I supposed to know what he’s studying, when I’ve been away from home for about 5 months now?  We do not converse outside of church, including online communication.

Clearly, it was a ploy on her part to start talking about him with me. GAHHHHHH!

The craziest part is that I didn’t even realize that she was playing tricks on me until hours after I hung up the phone.  She’s trying to get in my head!  Damnit, she’s learning new methods.  I seriously need to find a man to appease her, quick.


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