recruitment + nomination

Doesn’t that sound so political and weird?

Anyway, Concordia’s Graduate Studies office wants to ramp up their advertising by making recruitment videos for each program.  All the grad students got an email about this, asking us to send in names to nominate people to represent Film Studies; it stipulated that they should have a “bubbly” personality.  I was actually thinking about nominating myself (because the notice told us that we could), because I have experience talking to a camera (hello, I’m a lackluster vlogger), and I can easily feign appreciation/excitement over something (read: act bubbly) when asked of me.

I didn’t end up doing so because:

1) I didn’t want to seem so assumptive of my capabilities.

2) I’m not the most enthusiastic person about Concordia’s wonderful reputation.

3) I forgot about it, and the deadline to nominate passed.  This was probably the most decisive reason, haha!

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my profs, saying that I had been nominated to represent my program in this video. “Innnneresting,” I thought to myself.  But of course, the term “nominate” implies to me, at least, that there are others in line for the job, and some type of committee will decide or “elect” on who will represent the program.  This line of reasoning probably comes from years of political coverage in the media that I’ve been somewhat exposed to.

I was wrong.  Turns out that “nominate” is just a fancy term for “you were picked to do the job”, meaning there are no others, just me.  I deduced this from an email from my prof which said that the video makers will be in touch with me for the shoot within a month or so.

I don’t know what to feel. Intimidated? Flattered? Nervous?  What the heck am I going to say? I hope I don’t fail anyone’s expectations of me.  I do hope that whatever I do, I’ll be able to lure in more unsuspecting hopeful grad students into this web of academic misery (I hyperbolize).

Now, if I only I could just find out which pesky peer sent in my name (I don’t really think they’re pesky…I just like alliteration)!


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