“telephone” inspired look pt.1

Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé’s music video for the song “Telephone” was just released yesterday.  It’s a short film, or a long video, or whatever (trend started by MJ’s “Thriller”).  Anyhoo, Gaga’s incarcerated for the first part of the film, so she’s all hoodrat-ish, using whatever she can to style her look (cigarette glasses and pop can hair rollers).

I love the beauty look of this sequence, so because I had some time on my hands, I decided I’d attempt to recreate it!  I don’t have a lot of my extraneous makeup tools here in Montreal (I left a lot of junk at home), so I couldn’t achieve the pale skin, but I tried!

Strong contours, heavy brows, smokey eye, cat eye liner, burgundy lips

I obviously don’t have the beautiful deep set eyes Ms. Gaga has, so I had to tweak it to suit my features.  In addition MY DIGITAL CAMERA BROKE!!  The lens cap is not closing, the display is not turning on, and even when I try to capture an image without looking through the display, nothing happens!  It’s just a dead piece of machinery.  Luckily I was able to salvage the files on it.  So…sorry about the crappy image quality.  These are from my iSight cam.

Subbed the pop can rollers for real rollers – my hair is definitely not long enough to wrap around pop cans!  Also, I don’t drink pop.

Hello, hello baby, you called - I can't hear a thing

Hello, hello baby, you called - I can't hear a thing

track jacket with semblance of leather jacket? haha, no. i tried.


I’m NOT even going to get into the products used or the look breakdown – I am not that patient, haha!  I’m not a beauty blogger, per se,  so I don’t think any of my readers are expecting that, anyway.

When I get the chance I’m going to tackle another look from the music video – check back to see which I choose (seriously, there are 5 bajillion looks in that 1 vid)!


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