“telephone” inspired look v.2

So, as promised, here is the second look I emulated from the lengthy music video for “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyoncé.

The look I chose was from the section where Ms. Gaga is making a sandwich/poisonous condiments.  She has this amazing bleach blonde hair with yellow accents, and a crazy telephone contraption for a hat on her head.

matte purplish-blue eyeshadow, heavy black liner, dark brows, bright pink lips

matte dark indigo eyeshadow (crease cut with matte black, highlight with powder white), heavy liner, dark brows, bright pink lips

Once again, I don’t have the same deep set eyes that Gagalicious does, so I adjusted the shadow to my eye shape.  I tried the whole blue-on-the-entire-lid thing when I did a trial of this look, but that was NOT working for me.  Besides – my crease is a lot closer to my lashline than Gaga’s, so I had to (as Tim Gunn would say) “make it work”.

I didn’t remedy any of these photos in Photoshop, unlike last time.  Still using my shoddy iSight cam =(

Do you like my makeshift telephone hat? hehe!

Do you like my makeshift telephone hat? hehe!

I tried to give my bangs a nice wave, but I just ended up frying them by trying again & again with a 1-inch flat iron and a curling iron.  Yeah, I’s gots no idea how to do a hair wave.


My "telephone" (curling iron, hollaaaa) matches my "telephone" hat!

I actually really like this look – it’s wearable for a night out, for sure!  Definitely tame compared to Gaga’s wacky oeuvre of looks.  Actually, I wouldn’t draw in my brows like this…that’s a bit much =D

I want to end this post with a super neat cover that David Choi did of the song in question. Enjoy!


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