bad blogger

I’ve been such a lazy bum blogger.  I just spent the last couple of hours reading the entirety of a church member’s baby-bump blog, and I can’t believe how consistent she is! I suppose when you’re pregnant, you have motivation to share with others…

Anyway, I just feel kinda guilty for not updating as often as I’d like.  I want to use my blog as a place for me to share my idiosyncracies as well as hone my writing – but I suppose Twitter has taken over my need to share my life with people!!

On a separate note; I received a small train case full of the entire Eye Studio line from Maybelline, which I’m not obligated to review or anything…but I think it deserves a bit of love!!  I’m going to give the products a fair chance to settle in on my makeup routine, and perhaps I’ll find the motivation to write about them…?

Bogged down with stress of finishing up the semester successfully and making the transition back to Toronto with ease (read: find a job!!)

Prayerfully hoping for the best!


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