10 honest things about me

Sher, the lovely blogger of Voodoo Dolly recently tagged me on her blog, which is so nice of her, because I think she did it right after I posted about being a bad blogger (haha)!!  What a great motivation to blog =) Also, I’m procrastinating…productively, hehe.

  1. I sneeze in pairs.
  2. No matter how much I love avocados, I can’t get myself to prepare them for myself anymore.  Nor can I watch others prepare avocados.  I will now only eat them if they are ready-to-eat in front of me.  I think the psychological trauma of my injury last year is a lot greater than I anticipated, and I often find myself cringing and feeling scared about the thought of avocados.  Even writing this is not making me feel too great.
  3. I always claimed that blue was my favourite colour.  I think it was because when my sister and I were children, we’d always receive the variant of the same gift, differing by colour.  Because she is older, she got to choose which one she wanted first, and she’d always take the one that was red or pink, because it was more girly.  I trained myself to believe that I loved blue ever since then, but I’m coming to realize that I prefer pink!
  4. I’m fascinated by popular media and popular culture.  Especially by how much it’s changed the face of society.
  5. I like to check the Missed Connections section of Craigslist from time to time.  I claim that it’s because the confessions on there are fascinating, but secretly, I wish someone would post about me and it would be like a Cinderella love story.
  6. When I was in high school, I very seriously considered not applying for university and just getting married and having babies.  Clearly, I have a very strong motherly instinct.
  7. One day, I’d like to be writing for a magazine like Strut.  Even further into the future, I’d like to own/be an editor-in-chief for a magazine like Strut.
  8. I am an avid coupon clipper.  I love me a good bargain, so I hardly ever buy anything for full price.  Some sites that help me with this obsession of mine are: Smart Canucks, Go Coupons, Web Saver, Save.ca, and Hautelook.
  9. I wish I had more hygienic habits.  I’m not saying that I don’t wash my hands or bathe, or anything like that.  I just wish I had gotten into the habit (when I was younger) of flossing twice a day, dusting/vacuuming weekly, making my bed every morning, etc.  I feel like I’m too old to change my ways now!
  10. I really wish I had more extensive dance training when I was younger.  Growing up, all I studied was music (which I am eternally grateful to my parents for), but I think I would have been a really good dancer.



One thought on “10 honest things about me

  1. Your #6 is interesting. After high school, I wanted to go to the military full time instead of going to college. I decided to go to college and go into the US Army Reserve. Going to college was the best decision I’ve made and it’s made me want to continue on to get my Ph.D. I just finished my 8 years in Dec 2008. A lot of my high school friends went into the military right after high school. A few of them ended up going to Iraq and sacrificing themselves for our country. God bless them.

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