ideal man v.2

Continuing on in the series of the style of Mr. Ideal, I’m dedicating this post to a more sporty, casual Mr. Ideal.  I’m still relatively a very young person (arguably), so youthful style is still appealing to me.  I suppose Mr. Ideal just needs to know when to appropriately switch it up, and I know this breed of man is out there!

American Apparel's Nylon Taffeta Trunks

I am a big fan of the shorter swim shorts on guys (with the physique, of course – always dress for your body!)  It’s not a matter of “the shorter, the better”, because we all know that a good (man in a) Speedo is hard to find.  But the slightly retro, fitted drawstring trunk is incredibly charming, and displays that the guy is not afraid to break the common trend of oversized shorts with equally oversized (and seizure-inducing coloured) floral print.  Throw on a tank, and you’ve got me dreaming about that one really sexy lifeguard that one time at the beach… 😉

American Apparel's "New Looks"

Classic AA Hoodie

A slim pant/short, V-neck T, and a classic AA hoodie will never cease to make me turn my head.  It’s an oft-quoted look, but when done well (i.e. worn with just the right attitude), it’s great.  It’s incredibly versatile, as well. DSquared² Spring 2011 DSquared² Spring 2011

Ok, so I kinda wish the boy in the jean shorts had a top on, but the abs don’t hurt.

I love the above 2 looks because of the cable knit sweater/shorts combo.  Look no. 1 reminds me of a day on a sailboat, hence the bag, sandals, and windswept hair – wouldn’t that be a fun date?  Look no.2 reminds me of a day at the beach when the sun is going down and the bonfire is about to start.  Mr. Ideal would have no problem wearing those sneakers at the beach, because he’s not prissy enough to care about getting sand in his shoes.

Lacoste Fitted Men's Shirt

Check out Lacoste’s webpage for the shirt (where I screen grabbed this image from). The video is a little cheesy, but the music makes up for it.

I like this upscale, pared down version of the preppy/hipster hybrid.  The accessories make this look; the hat and the belt indicate that he cares about style, and knows the impact of a “look” rather than simply an outfit.  We would go golfing/play tennis/ride our bikes, and then watch a British indie rock show afterwards.

In conclusion…

I suppose because it’s summer, I only thought of summer activities when I collected these images.  However, the AA hoodie would look good at any ski hill, I think.  Mr. Ideal would be able to rock any of these looks, and know how to negotiate each one.  At the core of them all, though, is that same clean cut-yet-casual feeling from the previous post.  I’m not like other girls who revel in dangerous guys on motorcycles.  More like, confidently modest guys on Vespas…


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