skincare rx giveaway!

So I just returned from a weeklong mission trip with my church at White Dog, ON (aka Wabaseemoong, ON), and I spent the majority of my time outdoors in the sun.  I used an SPF 55 on my face every morning, but I still got some colour, and I know that means UVA/UVB damage occurred.  I also broke out like a mofo and am currently in hibernation until everything calms down a bit.

Today, I decided to research a bit on some sunscreens I could invest in, and I just watched Lisa Eldridge’s 2-part video on her favourite sunscreens.  She mentioned La Roche-Posay Anthelios as one of her many favourites.  While on my mission trip, I noticed that 2 of the 10 girls that were in my group had this product, and my sister also recently acquired a travel sized version of this sunscreen (but she hasn’t opened it yet).  I am completely intrigued, clearly.

While catching up on my Twitter feed from being Internet-less for a week, I noticed that Blu3 from A Watercolour Sky was hosting a $75 giftcard giveaway from Skincare Rx – the company that specializes in skincare products such as the aforementioned sunscreen.  The stars have aligned!  So go check out her blog post if you want to enter the giveaway! Hurry, it ends tomorrow!


One thought on “skincare rx giveaway!

  1. Hi Jenny,
    We can get you hooked up with a giveaway or more if you would like. I stumbled upon your site looking for some more sites to help us out and think the stars have to do with this too. 🙂 Send me an email and we can set something up.

    Mike Nelson | Social Media Account Manager &

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