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I’ve noticed that my most popular blog post was my skincare routine post from last year.  I was waiting until my skincare routine was updated a little bit to write a new post, but for the most part my routine has stayed pretty much the same save for a product or two.  I will, however, write up a new post before school starts to catch you up on what changes I’ve installed into my routine!

On another note, I just got back from The Body Shop’s 5 Items for $30 sale (YESSSSS!)  I was sooo super excited about this because as my readers know, I cannot go a day with my TBS Tea Tree Night Lotion.  Luckily, the entire Tea Tree line (except for the blotting papers) was included in the promotion, and because my beloved Night Lotion is usually $18 per bottle, I bought 2.  It is definitely a better sale than when TBS has the Tea Tree 2 for $18 promotion, so I contemplated whether or not to get a 3rd bottle, but decided against it since I already have a backup at home.

The third bottle is my backup. Also, please excuse the hair...I'm in a transitional period right now. It kinda sucks.

I didn’t like/want anything else from the promotion (it was mostly shampoos & body washes), so I ended getting a whole bunch of Tea Tree stuff: the Tea Tree Oil and the Blackhead Exfoliating Wash.  (I also purchased the new DeoDry stick, but I might return it after reading bad reviews on it.)

Anyway, I’m glad I found the Tea Tree Oil, because I’ve been contemplating whether or not to purchase any brand of tea tree oil just for antiseptic and spot-treatment purposes.  However, the stuff is not exactly cheap, and it’s not like I need a lot of it (I have pretty mild acne…which I will address in the skincare routine post).  So the jumbo sized one I saw @ Costco was not for me, nor was the regular sized one from SDM, because it was nearly $20 for a normal dropper bottle sized item.  TBS’ Tea Tree Oil is teeeeeny (0.33 fl oz. or 10 ml) – the same size as their concentrated home fragrances.  It’s a conveniently small size that can last a while when used with a cotton bud.  I should be clear, though, that it isn’t 100% tea tree oil – it is only 15%, which is probably more suitable for skincare use (rather than treating bug bites, cuts/wounds, etc.)

I don’t really have very high hopes for the Blackhead Exfoliating Wash, because items that claim to clear blackheads (save for pore strips) never really do what they claim to do, but I was on the lookout for a new scrub to use in the shower, so why not?

Which brings me to my next topic: Philosphy facial cleansers.  I am a die hard devotee of the Purity Made Simple cream cleanser, and I am SUPER excited because I am going to the States this weekend, and this cleanser is much cheaper there.  I already reserved the limited edition jumbo 32 oz. (comes with a pump!!) at the Sephora nearest to where I will be staying.  That, my friends, is called preparation.

photos from

So in doing my research, I kept reading rave reviews on the Philosphy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.  As I mentioned before, I have been looking for a new scrub, and this kept popping up.  However, it is pretty pricey for an item I know I won’t use all the time, and I know that using loofah sponges and/or facial brushes give me the gentle exfoliation that I need.  Also, it doesn’t have AHA or BHA, which I know are the best exfoliation ingredients for my skin type.  At least the TBS Blackhead Exfoliating Wash has tea tree in it to help with any minor breakouts.  So I’ve decided against purchasing this product.  Maybe I will in the future when my wallet isn’t so light.

photos from

Lastly, I wanted to talk about Mario Badescu products.  They are on sale for a limited time on Hautelook this week, and I was at the brink of purchasing the Drying Lotion and Drying Cream.  But, Hautelook’s “international” (is Canada really international?) shipping prices turned me off, and I couldn’t justify spending $15 just for the shipping on a non-limited edition item (I’ve only bought special kits and limited edition items on Hautelook).  However, there is an Ulta near the location I will be visiting this weekend, so I will go in there to have a look at their Mario Badescu skincare.

Some things to look forward too:

  • and updated skincare routine post
  • my weekend vacay haul
  • thoughts on the TBS oil & scrub, maybe even the DeoDry stick
  • haul & MAC pigment post
  • decor thoughts for my new apartment in Montreal…? That’s right, I’ve moved…again.

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